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A quarterly scientific journal "Pathogenesis"

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The "Pathogenesis" is a multidisciplinary scientific and practical journal covering the latest achievements of modern biology and medicine in the study of basic mechanisms and patterns of occurrence, development and regression of pathological processes in the creation of highly specific methods of clinical, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, as well as the introduction in the daily clinical practice of new personalized treatment and prevention technologies (genetic engineering, nano-engineering, tissue engineering, cellular bioinformatics, reproductive, additive, neuro-cognitive, psychological, immunological, adaptation, gravity, surgical, therapeutic, pharmacological, transplantation, nuclear and others.) . Preference is given to those articles, which are devoted to the new rapidly developing problems of convergence of sciences and technologies. The magazine is designed for a wide range of doctors and specialists in the field of fundamental and applied medicine.

Editorial Board address:
125315, Moscow, Russia, Baltiiskaya str., 8
Tel .: +7(495)518-14-51

Editor in Chief:
Academician (Russian Academy of Sciences), Kubatiev Aslan Amirkhanovich
tel: +7(499)151-17-56

Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
LLC "Litera-2000"

SP Irishkin Dmitry Andreevich
Tel .: +7(495)518-14-51

It appears 4 times a year (quarterly)

The journal is registered with the Ministry of Press and Information of the Russian Federation. Registration number: PI 77-13744 on October 18, 2002

Reprint of materials and use them in any form, including electronic media, possible only with the permission of the publisher.


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