Pathogenesis. 2012 #1

The role of sphingolipids in the skin aging
Kandalova O.V., Kandalova A.N., Martinova E.A.

Monocyte and macrophage markers for diagnostics of immunopathologies
Kzhyshkowska Ju .G ., Gratchev A.N.

Resistance to detrimental impacts and protective effects of adaptation in animals of different genetic lines
Pshennikova M.G.

Autoregulation of cerebral blood flow in normal and during postischemic hypoperfusion
Aleksandrin V.V.

Electron microscopic study of skeletal muscle in polymyositis
Babakova L.L., Pozdnyakov O.M.

Immune and antioxidant disorders in Parkinson's disease
Bocharov E.V., Kryzhanovsky G.N., Poleschuk V.V., Kucheryanu V.G., Gorojanskaya E.G., Sandalov Yu.G., Ilienko V.A., Bocharova O.A.

Comparative study of the influence nonselective and high selective blockage of cholinoreactive structures on the development of the severe posthemorrage hypotension in rats with different individual resistance to circulatory hypoxia
Kovalenko N.Ya., Matsievsky D.D., Reshetnyak V.K.

Possibilities and peculiarities of the modern stage of application of computer technologies in medicine
Kozhevnikova M.I., Skrypitsyna T.N.

Herpetic complications in patients with acute disorders of brain circulation
Kulchikov A.E., Morozov S.G., Grinenko E.A.

Neuroimmunecorrective therapy in stroke patients with herpetic complications
Kulchikov A.E., Morozov S.G., Grinenko E.A.

Low density lipoproteins in atherogenesis — rоle of sialic acid
Sobenin I.A., Feoktistov A.S., Karagodin V.P., Pchejetski A.V., Orekhov A.N.

Role of opioidergic and GABAergic systems in chemosensitivity control to carbon dioxide in rats
Tarakanov I.A., Tikhomirova L.N., Safonov V.A.

5HT1B- and 5HT2B-receptors of serotonin stimulate increase in cytoplasmic calcium concentrations in vascular endothelial cells
Terekhina I.L., Nadeev A.D., Kozhevnikova L.M., Goncharov N.V., Avdonin P.V.

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