Pathogenesis. 2012 #2

HDL-Therapy — Therapeutic approaches to correction of High-density lipoproteins dysfunction
Sviridov D.D., Karagodin V.P., Orekhova У.А., Melnichenko A.A., Orekhov А-N.

Nitric oxide (NO) stores and their adaptive function in the cardiovascular system
Manukhina E.B., Downey H.F., Mallet R.T., Malyshev I.Yu., Vanin A.F.

Neuroprotection on experimental ischemic insult of prefrontal areas of the brain cortex
Romanova G.A.

Study of the functional activity of psychomotor processes and the nature of the metabolism regulation for physiological development rates of children objective registration
Lebedeva M.A., Khlebnikova N.N., Arkhipova E.N., Lubina B.G., Bogdanova E.V., Kovaleva O.I., Torshin V.I., Tarshitz D.L., Karganov M.Yu.

The activation of latent herpetic infection in stroke (Experimental Investigation)
Kulchikov A.E., Morozov S.G., Grinenko E.A.

The role of nitric oxide In the pathogenesis of myocardial ischemia and diabetes type 1 diabetes in rats of different genetic lines
Belkina L.M., Smirnova E.A., Terekhina O.L., Pschennikova M.G., Kruglov S.V., Boitchuk E.S., Saltykova V.A.

Effects of chronic mild stress in Wistar and August rats: behavior and monoamine content in the striatum
Krupina N.A., Khlebnikova N.N., Orlova I.N., Popkova E.V., Rodina V.I., Kryzhanovsky G.N.

A new method for the combined electroporation and sonoporation with reduced stress-inducing effects on cells
Mesherskiy M.E., Kaba S.I., Sokolovskaya A.A., Moscovtsev A.A., Blokhin D.Yu., Andrianov Ju.V., Kubatiev A.A.

Determination of the main low molecular weight aminothiols in blood plasma using HPLC-MS method
Ivanov A.V., Kudan P.V., Luzyanin B.P., Kubatiev A.A.

Effect of pentylenetetrazole on the GABAA-coupled Cl-, HCO3-activated Mg2+-ATPase activity of the plasma membrane from rat brain both in vitro and in vivo experiences
Menzikov S.A., Karpova M.N., Kalinina M.V.

Mycotoxin Fumonisin B1 regulates the growth and death of the yeast Rhodotorula spp.
Ivanchenko O.B., Martinova E.A.

The study of high-density lipoprotein anti-inflammatory effect
Orekhov A.N., Mukhamedova N.M., Sviridiov D.D., Karagodin V.P., Melnichenko A.A., Myasoedova V.A., Orekhova V.A., Sobenin I.A.

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