Pathogenesis. 2012 #2

Study of the functional activity of psychomotor processes and the nature of the metabolism regulation for physiological development rates of children objective registration

Lebedeva M.A.1, Khlebnikova N.N.1, Arkhipova E.N.1, Lubina B.G.1, Bogdanova E.V.1, Kovaleva O.I.1, Torshin V.I.2, Tarshitz D.L.3, Karganov M.Yu.1

1Federal State Budgetary Institution «Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology» under the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
2Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
3Moscow Institute of Open Education


The aim of this study was to establish a possible correlation of genetically determined nature of the metabolic processes that are installed with the help of LC-spectroscopic studies of biological fluids and the functional state of neurodevelopmental status of children. State of psychomotor status was set to the relationship of the central processes, synaptic and neuromuscular regulation of the motor act. We examined 600 children aged 15 to 16 years. They were not burdened with chronic illnesses (I group health).

Based on these data it was concluded that the nature and extent of metabolic shifts in the first place determines the processes in psychomotor status, which are most dependent on the regulation of synaptic conductance, which is likely to lead to a definite strain on the regulatory centers of the cerebral cortex. On this background, the state of peripheral neuro-muscular processes system regulation in a much lesser extent modified by well-defined metabolic characteristics. A new methodological approach to the detection of certain features in the child’s psychomotor status, taking into account the individual nature of the balance of metabolic processes and psychomotor functions, is discussed.

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