Pathogenesis. 2012 #2

The activation of latent herpetic infection in stroke (Experimental Investigation)

Kulchikov A.E.1, Morozov S.G.1, Grinenko E.A.2

1Institute of General pathology and Patophysiology of RAMS
2Institute of Neurosurgey named acad. N.N. Burdenko RAMS


The purpose of the investigation was to study a possibility of latent virus infection activation in mouse brain by modeling hemorrhagic stroke. The acute intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke was evoked in capsula interna in accordance to original technology. For experimental viral meningo encephalitis white mice infected by subletal dose of herpes simplex viruses.

DNA of the herpes simplex virus type I was detected by PCR-based assay in blood and in brain tissue of experimental animals as well as inflammatory changes of the brain after acute hemorrhagic stroke which suggests that persistent herpes simplex virus type I was activated. Obtained data show that in the acute period of experimental hemorrhagic stroke activation of dormant infections in the form of encephalitis may occur in the white mice brain. Taking into account the results obtained permits to improve the monitoring and treatment of hemorrhagic stroke.

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