Pathogenesis. 2012 #2

A new method for the combined electroporation and sonoporation with reduced stress-inducing effects on cells

Mesherskiy M.E., Kaba S.I., Sokolovskaya A.A., Moscovtsev A.A., Blokhin D.Yu., Andrianov Ju.V., Kubatiev A.A.


One of the common approaches that solve the problem of the intracellular delivery of bio logically active compounds, macromolecular complexes, and other micro-and nano-objects is a reversible permeabilization — the formation of pores in the plasma membrane, in particular in the external electric field (electroporation). Electroporation has drawbacks, the most significant of which is a decrease in cell viability alter exposure.

We first investigated the effects on cells of mixture of pulsed electric fields and acoustic shock waves using a laboratory setup for the combined electroporation and sonoporation cell cultures developed in the SRC RF Troitsk «TRINITI». Our analysis of the cytotoxicity of the impact and effectiveness of intracellular delivery of fluorescent probes (calcein and propidium iodide) showed that the combined regimen efficient electroporation of 1.25 times and has less cytotoxicity. Optimized modes combined sono-electroporation can be used for delivery to the highly sensitive cells of various chemical compounds and macromolecules, in particutar, for stem cells transfection.

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