Pathogenesis. 2012 #2

Effect of pentylenetetrazole on the GABAA-coupled Cl-, HCO3-activated Mg2+-ATPase activity of the plasma membrane from rat brain both in vitro and in vivo experiences

Menzikov S.A., Karpova M.N., Kalinina M.V.

Federal State Budgetary Institution «Institute of General Pathology and Phathophysiology» under the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences


Effect of the pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) on the couplied with GABAA-receptor Сl-, HCO3-activated Mg2+-ATPase of the plasma membranes from rat brain it was investigated both experiences in vitro and in vivo. It was found in vitro that pentylenetetrazole in range conceniraiions 15—20 mM enchances the activity of the «basal» Mg2+-ATPase and eliminated the activating effect of Cl and Cl + HCO3- on the enzyme. Simiiar the effect of the PTZ on the activity of the «basal» Mg2+-ATPase activity and it is activating by anions it was observed under intraperitoneal injection of the it at dose 65 mg/kg. It was conclusion about involved of the coupled with GABAA-receptor C- , HCOf -activated Mg2+-ATPase of the neuronal membrane under synaptic transmission of the CNS and pathogenesis of the PTZ-induced seizures.

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