Pathogenesis. 2013 #1

In memory of Georgy Nikolaevich Kryzhanovsky
The team of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Scientific Research Centre for General Pathology and Pathophysiology and the editorial board o f the Pathogenesis journal.

Medical applications of robots created with nanotechnologies
Kubatiev A.A., Nifontov N.B., ZemskovV.M., Stepanov M.V., Predelsky O.D., Sorokovoy V .I.

Dendritic cells in atherosclerosis: Identification and pathophysiological significance
Bobryshev Y.V., Orekhov A .N.

Statins-induced inhibition of cholesterol synthesis in liver and very low density lipoproteins. Statins, fatty acids and insulin resistance
Titov V.N.

Role of nitric oxide overproduction in development of Alzheimer's disease and possibility of its prevention using adaptation to hypoxia
Manukhina E.B., Goryacheva A.V., Malyshev I.Yu., Downey H.F.

Stem and progenitor cells in the pneumofibrosis pathogenesis
Digay A.M., Skurikhin E.G., Pershina O.V., Khmelevskaya E.S., Ermakova N.N., Rezcova A.M., Krupin V.A., Rezcova V.M., Stepanova I.E.

Development of the TDP43-proteinopathia cell model to search approaches to pathogenic therapy of the Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration
Kukharsky M.S., Khritankova I.V., Lytkina O.A., Ovchinnikov R.K., Ustugov A.A., Shelkovnikova T.A., Bronovitsky E.V., Kokhan V.S., Ninkina N.N.

Study of angiogenic potential of human multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells
Saburina I.N., Gorkun A.A., Zurina I.M., Kosheleva N.V., Repin B.C.

Occurrence of hedonic and lack of affective deficit in 18-month-old C57BL/6 mice implications for modeling elderly depression
Redkozubova O.M., Bolkunov A.V., Vankin G.I., Revischin A.V., Yeritsyan N.B., Markova N.A., Bachurin S.O., Strekalova T.V.

Pathogenetic mechanisms of changes in activity of inflammation and fibrogenesis in patients with chronic diffuse liver disease after combined use of perfluorocarbon emulsions and multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells
Dalgatov G.D., Saburina I.N., Zurina I.M., OrlovA.A., Kolokoltsova T.D., Deev R.V.

Method for determining circulating immune complexes
Shoibonov B.B., Baronets V.Yu., Panchenko L.F., Kubatiev A.A.

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