Journal of Pathophysiology and Experimental Therapy. 2013 #1

Systemic inflammation: theoretical and methodological approaches to description of general pathological process model. Part 2. Evolution aspects
Gusev E.Yu., Chereshnev V.A.

The role of adiponectin in the pathogenesis of the metabolic syndrome and approach to therapy
Rodina A.V., Severin S.E.

Comparison of the effects of glutamate antibodies on neuronal activity of caspase 3 and memory impairment in rats induced by injection of Αβ25-35 into the Meynert nuclei
Kolobov V.V., Fomina V.G., Gorbatov V.Yu., Davydova T.V.

Direct involvement of the glucose and Mg2+-ATP in the regulation of the GABAA-coupled Cl-,HCO3--activated Mg2+-ATPase of the plasma membrane from rat brain in vitro experiences
Menzikov S.A., Karpova M.N., Kalinina M.V.

Effect of damage integrity rat brain synaptic membranes on the functional activity GABAA-receptor/Cl--ionophore complex in the CNC
Rebrov I.G., Kalinina M.V.

The response of cerebral blood flow and systemic arterial blood pressure to hypercapnia and hypocapnia in humans
Kulikov V.P., Kuznetsova D.V.

Study of hormone responsiveness of the adenylyl cyclase signaling system in erythrocyte membranes of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Kuznetsova L.A., Plesneva S.A., Sharova T.C., Pertseva M.N.

Morpho-biophysical research of erythrocytes of intact and vagotomized rats in various terms after the acute hemorrhage
Tsibulevsky A.Yu., Dubovaya T.K., Maksina A.G., Sokolinsky B.Z., Pyatnitsky A.M., Medovy V.S., Anisimova V.E.

Biochemical aspects of the influence of antiorthostatic hypokinesia on the experimental peritonitis
Panchenkov D.N., Baranov M.V., Astakhov D.A., Nechunaev A.A., Leonov S.D., Behteva M.E.

Dynamics of formation of bone tissue in rats under the influence of new xenotransplantat «Norian»
Orlov A.A., Saburina I.N., Dilanyan M.Kh., Skuratovskaya L.N., Repin V.S., Serebrikova L.E., Zhitkov M.Yu., Evseenkov E.E

Immunotropic and antihypoxant therapy of experimental drug-sensitive and drug-resistant tuberculosis
Sukhanov D.S., Vinogradova T.I., Demidik S.N., Zabolotnyh N.V., Vasilieva S.N., Kovalenko A.L., Vitovskaya M.L.

The natural triterpenoid miliaсin prevents methotrexate-induced oxidative stress and normalizes the expression of genes encoding the cytochrome P-450 2E1 isoform and glutathione reductase in the liver
Kalinina O.V., Kolotova E.S., Panfilova T.V., Shtil A.A., Frolov B.A.

Work with night shift as a factor dysregulation of autonomic nervous system of locomotive drivers
Merkulov Y.A., Pyatkov A.A., Merkulova D.M.

Brain blood flow and cerebral insult. Part 2. Regulation of cerebral circulation
Markov Kh.M.

Coagulation and fibrinolytic activity of lymph in various pathological conditions (review of own and literature data)
Kuznik B.I.

Interaction of native and modified low density lipoprotein with intimal cells in atherosclerotic lesion
Nikiforov N.G., Gratchev A.N., Sobenin I.A., Orekhov A.N., Kzhyhskowska Yu.G.

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