Journal of Pathophysiology and Experimental Therapy. 2013 #2

Theory humoral pathology K. Roкitansky, cellular phathology R. Virchov and new phylogenetic theory disease development. Ethyology and pathogenesis of metabolic pandemias
Titov V.N.

Antibodies to neurotransmitters as possible neuroimmune risk markers of formation dependence to psychoactive substances
Davydova T.V., Vetrile L.A., Vetlugina T.P., Nevidimova T.I., Bokhan N.A., Batukhtina E.I., Fomina V.G., Zakharova I.A.

Experimental therapy of cardiac remodeling with quercetin-containing drugs
Kuzmenko M.A., Pavlyuchenko V.B., Tumanovskaya L.V., Dosenko V.E., Moybenko A.A.

Restoration of the blood rheological patients with cap on the background
of arterial hypertension in the process of hospital treatment

Baev V.M., Sharapova N.V., Shmeleva S.A.

Corticosteroid hormones and angiotensin-converting enzyme in the dynamics of chronic granulomatous inflammation
Cherkasova O.P., Selyatitskaya V.G.

Respiratory and cardiovascular responses to hypoxia under activation or blockade inhibitory transmission
Sanotskaya N.V., Matsievskii D.D., Lebedeva M.A.

Increased resistance to hypoxia under the effect of the mixture of herbs from the Altai
Kulikov V.P., Chupikova I.A., Sanarov E.M., Voloboy N.L.

Influence of heptral on the functional-metabolic indices of the liver of rats with necrotizing pancreatitis
Sukach M.S., Dolgikh V.T.

Hepato- and endothelioprotective action of runihol and ademetionine in experimental liver injury induced by TB drugs in combination with alcohol
Sukhanov D.S., Artyushkova E.B., Dudka V.T.

Experimental evidence of magnesium salts for treatment of calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis in an animal model based on sodium oxalate and a cyclooxygenase 2 selective inhibitor
Spasov A.A., Iezhitsa I.N., Kharitonova M.V., Kravchenko M.S., Snigur G.L., Pisarev V.B.

SKF-index as an indicator of biological age of hemostasis and blood vessels in children and adults in norm and pathology
Kuznik B.I., Fain I.A., Kaminski A.V., Maksimova O.G., Kustovskaya E.M.

The results of laser correlation spectroscopy method for dynamic monitoring of children and adolescents with iron deficient anemia
Utkina M.F., Rumjancev S.A., Arhipova E.N., Truhina O.K., Alchinova I.B.

Brain blood flow and cerebral insult. Part 2. Cerebral insult pathogenesis and therapy
Markov Kh.M.

The clinical significance of matrix metalloproteases in heart and vascular pathology
Akhmedov V.A., Dolgikh V.T., Naumov D.V., Nechiporenko N.A.

Role of endothelial dysfunction in the development of vascular complications of diabetes
Turenkov I.N., Voronkov A.V., Slietsans A.A.

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