Journal of Pathophysiology and Experimental Therapy. 2013 #3

Systemic inflammation: theoretical and methodological approaches to description of general pathological process model. Part 3. Backgroung for nonsyndromic approach
Gusev E.Yu., Chereshnev V.A.

To the Fas-induced neurons apoptosis mechanisms in stroke pathogenesis
Sergeeva S.P., Litvickiy P.F., Gultyaev M.M., Savin A.A., Breslavich I.D.

The saving role of glutamate antibodies with the acute ischemic damage of the rat brain prefrontal cortex
Shakova F.M., Klodt P., Kudrin V.S., Davydova T.V., Romanova G.A.

The role of M4-subtype of cholinoreceptors in acethilinecholine vasoconstriction
Kovalenko N.Ya., Matsievsky D.D., Reshetnyak V.K.

Characteristics of the autonomic nervous system state in children with myopia associated with undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia
Poryadin G.V., Boginskaya О.А., Obrubov S.А., Pykov М.I., Kolbatova Е.S., Dubovik L.G.

The role of antibodies to neurotransmitters of antinociceptive system in mechanisms of neuropathic pain
Igonkina S.I., Vetrile L.A., Kukushkin M.L.

Co-administration of RJR-2403 with low dose of 17β-estradiol on spatial learning in ovariectomized rats
Fedotova Yu.O.

Assessing of the role superoxide, nitric oxide and redox metals in cytotoxic effect of the H2O2 and amyloid-β-protein
Giliano N.Ya., Stepanov S.I., Noskin L.A., Arkhipova E.N., Konevega L.V.

Factors significant for cerebral circulacion in patients with supratentorial brain tumors
Sboev A.Yu., Dolgih V.T., Larkin V.I.

Plasma lipid spectrum and survival in rats with heart failure varied by severity under the influence of neurohormonal modulators
Sidorov A.V., Fateev M.M.

Investigation of multyphytoadaptogene anti-radiation activity in mice
Bocharov E.V., Karpova R.V., Kazeev I.V., Kucheryanu V.G., Bocharova O.A.

Comparative efficacy of hypoxia, hypercapnia and hypercapnic hypoxia increases body resistance to acute hypoxia in rats
Kulikov V.P., Tregub P.P., Bespalov A.G., Vvedenskiy A.J.

The influence of hepatocyte growth factor on lipid peroxidation processes in stress
Korosin V.I., Lyashev Yu.D., Solin A.V.

Conception for permanent activation of nuclear factor kB as molecular basis for metabolic syndrom pathogenesis
Kaidashev I.P.

Signaling mechanism of neuroprotective effect of ischemic preconditioning of brain
Maslov L.N.

The stimulation of reparative regeneration in the treatment of fractures of the extremities with the use of new biotechnologies
Sorokin G.V., Borovkov V.N., Eremin A.V., Orlov A.A., Saburina I.N.

The system of assessment of the severity of ultrasound epilepsy in rats
Kopaladze R.A.

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