New article in International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Aberrant Methylation of 20 miRNA Genes Specifically Involved in Various Steps of Ovarian Carcinoma Spread: From Primary Tumors to Peritoneal Macroscopic Metastases.

Ovarian carcinoma (OvCa) is the most aggressive tumor among malignant neoplasms of the female reproductive system, and, in terms of mortality, it takes first place among oncogynecological diseases in the world.
This work identified aberrantly methylated miRNA genes specifically associated with different steps of OvCa pathogenesis and metastatic spread.
A detailed study of the methylation and expression levels of 20 miRNA genes in a representative set of 102 primary ovarian tumors and 30 peritoneal macroscopic metastases allowed us to identify a group of miRNA genes whose methylation was significantly associated with the onset of oncogenesis and specifically differentiate miRNAs involved in the regulation of metastasis at the stage of primary tumors and the stage of formation of secondary tumors (peritoneal macroscopic metastases) in OvCa.

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